Get a taste of the California Dream! Endless waves and good times to be had by all make wake surfing a camp favorite.

The Endless Wave

Wakesurfing has gained a lot of momentum within the wake boarding over the past couple years.  With slower speeds, less battering falls, and the same amount of fun, it is easy to see why.  The feeling of riding a wave without being attached to anything can ‘t quite be compared to anything else. What’s even better, is that learning to wakesurf is very transferable to the ocean. After a few sessions behind the boat on the endless wave you will be more than prepared to surf in the ocean. to our coaching system for wake boarding, we teach you to master the technique for numerous smaller steps which make surfing without the rope, and surfing in the ocean much easier.


Coming from Santa Cruz, we would like to think we know a thing or two about surfing.  For years we have brought hand-shaped boards to the lake for our campers to try behind the boat. In 2015 Hyperlite started manufacturing a shape that our very own Mike Schwenne created. Designed for both ease of learning, and high-performance surfing, ‘The Quad’ is a shape anyone can have a blast on- no matter what skill level.

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