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The Breakdown, Before You Throw Down


What’s included in the session price:  Everything for the week!


  • We pickup campers from the marina at 11:00am Monday morningbarretcove_CAMP
  • Monday through Friday we are altogether 24 hours a day
  • Dropoff back at the marina is at 1:00pm on Friday afternoon; Everyone is welcome to grab lunch with us there so we can tell you how awesome your kids are


  • 4 professionally prepared meals per day
  • endless snacks and beverages available between meals
  • We can accommodate certain food allergies. Contact us ahead of time so we can change the menu accordingly


  • Two 30-minute boat riding sets per day
  • The most effective wakeboarding and wakesurfing instruction in the USA
  • Additional riding sets are available- $100 per set

Off the Wake Time:

  • An endless amount of activities and games on the IMG_7778houseboats between riding sets with staff and fellow campers
  • Major events and games specific to each day of the week
  • This time off the ski boats is where the staff really gets to develop friendships with each and every camper


Cancellation Policy
*Up to 70 days before camp: Receive a full refund minus a $100 registration fee.
*Up to 30 days before camp: Full refund minus your $500 deposit
*Up to 15 days before camp: Full refund minus $750 rebooking fee.
*No refunds will be provided within the two weeks prior to camp.

You can avoid any loss by purchasing the travel insurance from an independent Co. below— We strongly advise purchasing Travel Insurance to protect yourself against monetary loss due to illness, injury, airline schedule changes, etc. Remember, West Coast Camps purchases goods and services well in advance of your arrival and are therefore unable to refund any monies you have paid to West Coast Camps. Here is the web sit for travel insurance. Travel Insurance Or call (800) 348-9505




Language Use?
No bad language is allowed! We have a fun policy at camp concerning foul language. Bad word = 10 push ups or belly flop in front of everyone. Note: Coaches reserve the right to to increase penalty, and are subject to the same penalty.


***Drug and Alcohol policy?***
Zero tolerance! If any camper is caught with drugs or alcohol, their parents are called and they go home immediately. No exceptions! No refunds. As for tobacco, there is no smoking allowed on the houseboat, on wakeboard boats or the marina. If its a life and death situation and you need to smoke (and are above the legal age) you can take the paddleboat out by yourself. There is absolutely no smoking allowed near our facilities or any of the other campers. Again, failure to comply with these rules will result in your immediate departure.


What if I cannot make the drop-off or pick-up times?
We will try to be as accommodating as possible, and if you are coming internationally or out-of-state, we have airport pickup and early-stay pricing options listed in Dates & Prices.


Does my child need to bring their own equipment?
Only if they want to. We don’t recommend bringing your life vest because they tend to get left in rear hatches of our boats when campers leave. If any gear is left behind, we do not send it home. We are fully stocked with brand new Hyperlite wakeboards, boots, and Personal Flotation Devices (PFD’s) for everyone to use.


What if There’s an Accident? 
Mercy Medical Center is located in Merced, just 45 minutes from camp, in case of minor injuries. In case of emergency we have several lines of defense. First is the local sheriff, who can be quickly called though our CB radios from anywhere on the lake. The following steps depend upon direction from either the sheriff or 911. The Paramedics at the forest service are just few minutes from the main launch ramp if necessary. In case of a severe accident, there is also a helicopter-landing pad located next to the forest service station. There is also the option of 911 dispatching an ambulance. We will follow the direction of operators, sheriffs, paramedics and trained professionals as they assess the situation.


What if My Son or Daughter Hurts Themselves During Camp?
Injuries are rare, but they do occur. In all our years as a camp we’ve had two broken bones, three trips to the hospital for stitches, and a few minor concussions. In the event of injury our staff is certified by the American Red Cross. See our Safety page for more information.


What is Your Cancellation Policy?
Up to 70 days before camp: Receive a full refund minus a $250 registration fee.
Up to 30 days before camp: Full refund minus your $500 deposit
Up to 15 days before camp: Full refund minus $750 rebooking fee.
No refunds will be provided within the two weeks prior to camp. During the two weeks prior to camp, we advise preventing your children from participating in any extremely dangerous sports that could keep them from attending camp (ex. skateboarding, dirt-biking, downhill mountain biking, etc.)


Does your camp carry commercial insurance? 
Yes, our facilities are 100% commercially insured. More importantly, in all our years in business we haven’t had a single claim. Feel free to call us and ask about our insurance service provider. (Note: if you are another camp looking for an insurance provide; please identify yourself as such)
Parents note: There is only one commercial carrier within the industry, insuring only a few elite organizations.


What if my child gets homesick?
With so many things going on at camp it makes it very unlikely for kids to get homesick.  Since the start of camp we’ve only had one camper get homesick and want to go home in the beginning of the week.  As a return camper, we’ve asked her to share her story. You can hear from other campers and parents on our Testimonial Page as well.

From Nataly Conor: Age 11 via email
“My name is Nataly Conner and last year I went to West Coast Camps Wakeboard Camp for my first time, totally excited but then when I got to the house boat… wasn’t excited at all!! I was a kinda scared because it was my first time away from home. Then the coaches helped me realize that there was nothing to worry about and that I am among friends. The whole rest of the week was a blast… we had sooo much fun and I realized that there was nothing to worry about. I learned a lot of tricks like, a 180, an ollie out side the wake, olie 180 and an indigrab. I went home sooo good I was almost better than my dad!! But after that I went to some wakeboard competitions and got a 1st place and a 3rd at another! The week after my 1st competition I was sponsored by Ski World USA. All of my accomplishments were made because of WCC. I plan on going to West Coast Camps again this summer and learn some tricks like a front side 180 and maybe even a 360. I hope to have these tricks nailed after the end of this summer. My advice to girls thinking about coming to camp…You may feel a little intimidated at first, but take it from someone who was, ther is nothing to worry about, you will have soo much fun and make new friends. ”


Why send my child to you guys instead of another camp?
First and foremost, we are not here to make tons of money. We make enough for camp to fund itself, but the friendships and pure happiness here is what has kept us going for 13 years. We genuinely enjoy teaching, and watching our campers progress at wake boarding while creating new friendships is an unbeatable feeling. We work to create a friendship with each camper and to carry that friendship farther than just the duration of their stay on the lake with us. When you become a camper at West Coast Camps, you join a family of people that are dedicated to growing themselves and those around them.

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